Optional Swim Toys

There are many swim training toys that will help you to become a more efficient and faster swimmer. But which training gear is the right one for your? Many are asking and we therefore provided you with a simple go-to list. Any further questions you may have, please reach out.

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Buoys are a great way to train your upper body and strengthen your shoulders. They allow swimmers to focus on their strokes rather than their kicks. Giving you an optimal upper body workout while improving form.

We bind the ankles in many of the pull workouts to:

  1. Develop good posture (a taut vessel)
  2. Enhance the need for improved stroke rate without losing purchase on the water
  3. Power development

We don’t use fins to kick harder but to assist with body position and to allow patience to find proper mechanics. Adding fins is used to help with the arms over trying to kick to glory. Best fins at 3-5 inches over the end of the toes and comfortable.

There are plenty of good options for a snorkel, but the key is that it is designed for a swimmer and doesn’t wrap around the back of the head. A snorkel provides you the opportunity to focus on good:

  • Alignment:  symmetry of swimming without arms and legs crossing from one side to the other and maintaining a good connection between the pulling arm and the power center (hips).

  • Developing a proper feel for the water and grip (catch).

  • Improving the timing and rhythm of the stroke and allowing best execution of some drills we utilize.

The first 5-10 times of using a snorkel many dislike the claustrophobic feeling, but the learning ramp is fast and almost everyone falls in love with the tool after a few attempts.  If really needed a nose plug can be used, but it is less preferable as you really want to learn how to exhale from the nose as much as the mouth in swimming.

Power Paddles

For use in short and faster intervals to develop power.  The key is that stroke rate must remain at normal levels.

Use these paddles only if you have a proper technique.  Strokemaker Hand Paddles.

  • If you swim 1.15 / 100 send off *(yards) or faster:   YELLOW (medium)

  • If you swim 1.35 / 100 send off *(yards) or faster:   GREEN (small)

  • If you swim 2 min / 100 send off *(yards) or faster:   RED (XS)

The mission in swimming is to increase the tempo (strokes per minute = Stroke Rate [SR]) while maintaining the amount of water you push back with each stroke. This creates your best speed.

Only taking 5-7 minutes each time and can be completed pre or post workout, these cords are wonderful tools for muscular resilience and stroke development.

Purchase the yellow option unless you can swim on a send off of 1.30 per 100 or better (yards) or 1.40 per 100 m.

Optional Training Gear

Not only do these balls help to relieve pain, but they can also help alleviate stress and tension throughout your body, along with improved posture, circulation and faster muscle recovery time.

The grip and grab texture of Alpha Balls will allow you to precisely target a variety of aches and pains throughout your body. Help relieve neck & shoulder stiffness, sciatica & lower back pain, tight hips, IT Band Syndrome, TMJ, Headaches, Plantar Fasciitis and so much more!!

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