Get the most out of your coach!

Consistent two-way communication between coach and athlete is critical to success.

Upload Files

  • Quantifying numbers is crucial to the science of endurance sports training. This will allow your coach to track performance and measure improvement. Without this data it cannot be verified that power/heart rate/pace targets & durations have been properly met and therefore the training load cannot be accurately measured.
  • Further, it’s nearly impossible to gauge what physiological systems need to be addressed in subsequent training blocks without pinpointing weaknesses that are seen in a data files.
  • For example, your coach may notice that your sustained power is excellent but repeatability of race performance efforts needs to be trained for optimal event day performance.

Leave Feedback

  • While a power file is vital, so too are post-activity comments. In these comments let your coach know how you felt, how you liked the workout, any pain/soreness/fatigue, etc. These comments can often be even more valuable than the training file itself!

  • For example, if you feel the onset of illness but don’t communicate this with your coach, they may only see missed targets for the day and misunderstand why you couldn’t complete the workout as prescribed.
  • This feedback, in conjunction with data files, will allow your coach to make appropriate adjustments to your training calendar. Even though you may be hitting the power or heart rate targets for every workout, the feedback completes the picture so your coach can make revisions as necessary.

Follow The Plan – Within Reason

  • This may sound obvious and silly, but the training has been custom designed for you around your goals, schedule, and ability level. With this, no two plans are ever the same. Even the best thought out training schedule cannot be benefitted from if it is not completed. Though there are proven training principles, everyone has different physiology and will adapt to particular training stimuli differently. By completing the workouts as prescribed your coach will have an opportunity to determine what works best for you and your physiology to dial in your individual sessions in subsequent training blocks. …

Maintain Regular Communication

  • While different coaching plans afford varying levels of communication, your coach needs to be kept up with your life. We understand that other obligations arise and must be accounted for. Things such as surprise business trips, a sick child, a change in employment, and weather all have an effect on your ability to train effectively. Without access to this information the training cannot be tailored appropriately to your current situation. An athlete should never be afraid to ask questions.

  • Your coach is there to do more than just write a training plan for you – our job is to advise and coach you through training and racing. Whether you’d like clarification of expectations for a workout, want race day tactics, need nutritional suggestions, etc. ask away! …

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