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There are numerous sports drinks on the market. Our generic advise: Choose the one you are most likely to consume. Follow the dosage guidelines on the packaging.

Side note: If you don’t like ready made sports drinks make your own. Dilute 300 ml/10.5 fluid ounces of orange juice with around the same amount of water. This will make a drink that has the same concentration of carbohydrates as an energy drink, 5-7%, which studies show to be the optimal concentration for absorption of fluid and energy.

Suggested products (flavor based on preference):


The products below work best for our athletes’ gastrointestinal systems when in high intensity racing scenarios, as well as for practice in daily training sessions.

Suggested products (flavor based on preference):

Race Day Savers

Your body uses calcium to maintain healthy muscle contraction. Tums, which contains a healthy dose of the mineral, has been a favorite product of endurance athletes to help with muscle contraction.

Suggested products:

Daily and Sport Supplements

When you are considering the use of a supplement, it is important to weigh up its potential benefits and risks. Is there evidence that this product will actually boost your performance? Is this product safe to use and is it stopping you from making better food choices? Our advise is to be sparing with supplements. For most nutrients, food is still your best source. If you are racing, competing, or aiming for peak performance, a few well studied supplements are worth a look.

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Kitchen Essentials

Make sure to invest in good quality kitchen equipment and tools. If you take good care of them they will last a lifetime.

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Your basic urine test can tell you just about everything from whether you need a rest day to if you need more carbohydrates and/or protein in your diet.  Anyone who is trying to dial in their fitness and nutrition can benefit from the info pee kits can give you.

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