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Consulting vs. Coaching

While we refer to ourselves as coaches at Revolution Endurance, in actuality you are hiring a consultant. When you have a “coach” you are giving over control to someone else who writes programs and tells you what to do. For some, this is exactly what they want. But, we do not believe that by giving over control to us you will reach your true and full potential. We want you to be in control of your own life. Thinking of your coach as a consultant, and treating the relationship as a partnership, we will be able to guide and support you while you take full control and ownership of the choices and actions throughout this athletic journey together.

Basic $225/monthPlatinum $255 - $285/monthDiamond $325/monthExecutive $885/month
Available CoachesIlona, Andria, and MeaghanIlona and Brian($285/per month)
Andria or Meaghan($255/per month)
Coach PaulCoach Paul
Customized Training Plan
Training Plan Adjustments1 x WeeklyDailyDailyUnlimited
Workout & File Analysis within TrainingPeaks1 x WeeklyKey WorkoutsKey WorkoutsUnlimited
Phone Call/Video CallUp to 30 Minutes per month of Phone/Video CallsUp to 60 Minutes per month of Phone/Video CallsUp to 60 Minutes per
month of Phone/Video Calls
Email/Text CommunicationUp To 4 Email/Text
Communications Per Month with 24 Hour Responsiveness during business hours
Unlimited Text/Email Communication with 24 Hour ResponsivenessUnlimited Text/Email Communication with 24 Hour ResponsivenessUnlimited Email/Text Communication with Same Day Responsiveness
Training Zone (HR/Power) development & updates.
Race Planning/Pacing/Strategy SessionA Race onlyA and B RacesAll RacesAll Races
Post-Race Debrief with your coach.A Race onlyA and B RacesAll RacesAll Races
TrainingPeaks Account.BasicPremiumPremiumPremium
Training Nutrition and Hydration advice.Basic One Time GuidelinesMonthly DiscussionsUnlimitedUnlimited
Swim Video AnalysisOne Swim Video Analysis (Athlete provided video)Every 6 Months (Athlete provided video)QuarterlyUnlimited
Run Gait Analysis (in-person for local athletes or athlete provided video)10% Discount10% DiscountQuarterlyUnlimited
Discount on Nutritional Services.5%10%15%20%
Discount on INSCYD Metabolic Performance Testing.5%10%15%Quarterly Tests Included
Discount on personal strength training sessions.5%10%15%2 Sessions per month in person or via Zoom/Google Meet

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