With a dizzying amount of confusing and often conflicting nutritional information out there, it’s hard to know how to eat properly these days. Many base nutritional preaching on n=1. That is, something that has worked for them, will work for the rest of the population. However this is not science and indeed can result in dangerous consequences from nutrient deficiencies, to poor growth and development.

I will help you sort through it and tailor a plan with your goals and lifestyle in mind. Separate yourself from quick fixes and trendy diets and allow me to develop a customized plan for you. You will be provided with the tools and support to change your lifestyle, allowing you to reach your maximum potential and wellbeing!


  • Sports nutrition basics, Fitness nutrition basics

  • Energy needs

  • Weight management, body composition

  • Female and male athlete triad

  • Nutrition periodization

  • Bone health, iron deficiency, supplements, pre/post race nutrition, endurance race nutrition

  • Plant based nutrition

  • Food allergies, intolerances

In my practice, I define healthy eating as unrestrained eating; where you eat everything but in moderation and I think here lies the problem: moderation is not innovative; it is not glamorous or sexy and is actually quite difficult to achieve.

I stand by my word that being healthy is not just about food; it is also a mind set. The most important lesson I try and teach my clients is self-acceptance and self worth. This doesn’t come from eating a certain way or following a certain practise, self esteem comes from accepting you are good enough just the way you are. Shouldn’t this be what we try to encourage and in still in each other rather than a sense of failure because we choose to eat food that is deemed “Not Clean”, “Not Vegan”, “Not Keto”, “Not Vegetarian”, “Not Low Carb”….

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