After completing my degrees, I moved to San Francisco where I operated as a Director of Revenue Management.  Working and training for an Ironman encouraged me to find ways to take care of my physical self to optimize performance and recovery. I quickly learned the importance of exercise and nutrition and how they work hand in hand. But that in and of itself was not enough. The realization came when I noticed that many of my coworkers had poor diets, lacked regular, or any, exercise & possessed a limited desire to make effective changes were contributing to the high stress and unhealthy lifestyles that are so commonplace in our society. As a result, I left my corporate job and now assist my husband in running our endurance coaching business based in San Ramon, California.

I started RE Sports and Fitness Nutrition to help athletes be the best they can be through nutrition, just as it has affected her health and triathlon in a positive way. It’s all about baby steps: Small changes that are sustainable and adapted to the person’s goals and circumstances, while maintaining a balance in other aspects of their lives. 

I want to help an athlete achieve their true potential but not at the cost of their long-term health.

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