Sunday Special

When in base training season, meaning shorter workouts on the weekends you have more time to do other things or establish new habits before you head into the year ahead.

What we would like you to start applying/integrating is the “Sunday Special” or “Weekend Preparation” or whatever you want to call it. The good news: It doesn’t take long, you simply have to start doing it. It is a commitment you want to establish, a habit of ~30 minutes in your favorite chair/couch/spot in your home, a cup of coffee or tea, a nice pen, and your preferred music. Here are a few simple steps to get you started:

  • Get clarity first, then get focus and prioritization, including filtering out distractions. Start with life including your kids schedule, family and life commitments. Where do you need to be when and where are the priorities?

  • The second step is looking at work. What are your main meetings/deadlines, what are the priorities there? And perhaps most importantly, or as importantly, what are you not going to do? What can you push back to the weeks following or eliminate all together so that you can build a system of focus and success at any given week? Some of the most successful athletes/business people/entrepreneurs are very good at saying “no” to things.

  • The third step is to integrate your training and all of the other habits in life come together.  Process life, work, training, and habits strategically, and you’re getting all of the competing demands to work together. A little bit of good planning each week makes for a much more efficient week to come.

Whatever you call it and whatever practice works for you to plan your week – organize, prioritize, filter out distractions. Don’t just make it something that you might do, make it a non-negotiable, because every week it should provide control, and perspective and enable you, as life happens, to make smart, in-time decisions. From this platform, your ambition, and your hard work, can flourish, and you can meet your performance potential.

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