Holiday Parties And Maintaining Weight – Is That Possible?

Hypothetical Scenario:

There are a few holiday parties coming up and I’m worried that it’s going to derail my current eating habits and potentially put on weight. My goal is to avoid that state and come out of the holiday season strong and ready for next year. What do I do and what is the best approach during the weeks ahead?

Scenario Solutions:

If you are aiming to reach a lean racing weight, or simply want to maintain your current, hard-earned body composition, navigating the holidays can be tough. With many parties and holiday treats the last 2 months of the year, it’s easy to derail your established eating habits. But there are ways you can enjoy yourself and also not gain that extra holiday jelly roll. Here are our principal advices:

1.    Don’t Unite with the Clean Plate Club. You’re not required to try all the food at the upcoming gatherings. Nor are you obligated to eat everything on your plate.  Think in terms of “sampling” a few goodies, not “dining”!

2.    Watch Portion Sizes. Go for a smaller plate so you reduce/limit your portion sizes automatically. Buffets can be distressing on the waistline so take one serving and stop. Wait 10 minutes before you go again and reassess yourself first. Ask yourself if you are still hungry or are eating to socialize.

3.    Slow Down Your Drinking. Alcohol consumption should be tapered and moderate. Try splitting a glass of wine, beer or spirits. Coddle your glass and savior each sip. Drink water with a lime wedge instead.

4.    Never Arrive at a Party Hungry. Eat a small portion of healthy fat food before you go to your party. Your satiety hormones will put the brakes on your urge to overeat. For example, try a handful of walnuts, a few olives and/or some sliced cheese.

5.    Avoid Late Night Snacking. Cut your intake of beverages and food at an earlier hour. If you eat after 9 p.m. and have a sugary dessert, this elevates cortisol, reduces your natural production of human growth hormone and you’ll most likely feel crummy in the morning and…might even skip the workout!

6.    Overindulge Occasionally, But Keep It Limited. If you do overindulge, remember that your holiday weight gain should be limited to 2% of your healthy body weight. It is very easy to pack on the extra weight, but remember it is much harder to melt it off!

Good luck to all of you with the party circuit and Happy Holidays!

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