Become A Better Athlete During Post Season – Part III


As we go through each training season we can develop niggling injuries such as little hotspots in our knee, hip, feet, low back, shoulder etc. We tend to ignore those symptoms and adapt to deal with them even though we are not at 100%. Use the post season to resolve injuries and be diligent about your treatment.

Some correspond their treatment to seeing a chiropractor/physio therapist on a monthly basis. This is a good starting point, but try to schedule your care appointments just like your workouts and arrange professional sessions once to twice a week, plus some on your own self-treatments, such as strength training, stretching & injury preventing exercises that complement the advice you are getting from your specialist.  Bottom line: stay on top of it.

Look at your calendar and cut back on workouts, if necessary, to allocate enough time to heal. If you are in post season and have some niggles, resolve your injuries this time of the year so you are ready when your season starts in the New Year.

Take away:

Now is the phase in your yearly training program that you can make fundamental groundwork changes to who you are as an athlete. If you want to be healthy and injury free, we must prepare the body to confidently absorb the required training load to peak your fitness and be race ready when needed. Consider it as the first part of your annual performance journey, and the foundation of your construction project as an athlete.

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